Housing must be
Social &

Housing is a human right and not a commodity. We are calling to improve the conditions.

Legal Text

Целта на настоящата Европейска гражданска инициатива е в нормативната уредба и финансовата рамка да се предвидят по-добри условия, за да се улесни достъпът до жилищно настаняване за всички в Европа.

Настояваме ЕС да предприеме действия, които биха позволили на всеки в Европа да има достъп до жилище.
Това включва улесняване на достъпа на всички до социални жилища на достъпни цени, неприлагане на критериите от Маастрихт по отношение на публични инвестиции за изграждане на жилища на достъпни цени, подобряване на достъпа до финансиране от ЕС за устойчивото жилищно строителство с нестопанска цел, приемане на социални и конкурентни правила за краткосрочните договори за наем и изготвяне на статистически данни за нуждата от жилища в Европа.

Europe is in a housing crisis

Housing is too expensive. More and more people in Europe are in trouble because of their housing costs. About 82 million people spend more than 40 percent of their earnings on housing – that is unreasonable! The waiting lists for subsidised, social and affordable apartments grow longer and longer. In almost all member states in Europe, the number of homeless people is on the rise.

People are being displaced from the cities. Many of them are forced to leave the city due to the high living costs and have to commute over long distances every day to work or study in the city.

Housing is a human right and not a commodity. The land and real estate prices are exploding in the growing cities. Global investors (pension funds, hedge funds) are buying up whole districts, because they are speculating on high profits. It is not about housing for them, it is about making money.

Too little investment in social & affordable housing. Since the economic collapse, way too little is being invested in affordable housing. The investment gap in the EU is about 57 billion euros per year. The fiscal framework of the EU and the EU’s state aid law are hindering cities and municipalities in their efforts to crate affordable and social housing space.

Short-term letting to tourists via digital platforms shorten the available living space for the local population dramatically.

We are therefore calling on the European legislators, to improve the legal and financial framework for affordable & social housing.