ECI “Housing for All” at the EU Parliament

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We are proud to announce the Presentation of the European Citizens’ Initiative “Housing for All” on the 12th December at the European Parliament. 

With the support of Members of the Parliament (MEP)

Ernest Urtasun (Spain)
Manon Aubry (France)
Leïla Chaibi (France)
Manuel Pizarro (Portugal)
Evelyn Regner (Austria)
Andreas Schieder (Austria)
Martin Schirdewan (Germany)
Kim van Sparrentak (The Netherlands)
Agnes Jongerius (The Netherlands)

We are inviting you to join us! 


Show support, sign the ECI and meet the authors!
MEPs support/Press/Photo Action/Meet and greet event

9.30 Kick-off picture with all the co-hosting MEPs & anyone else willing to show support

9.30-11h Open to MEPs signatures and shows of support.

Room: ASP3G3

Open Civil Society Event

13.30h (10min) Introduction by the co-hosting MEPs Kim van Sparrentak (NL)/ Leïla Chaibi (FR) / Evelyn Regner (AT)

13.40h (20min) Housing matters, it shapes our common European future. Dr Orna RosenfeldManuel Pizarro (PT)

14.00h (30 min) Presentation of the ECI, Karin Zauner-Lohmeyer (AT), Santi Mas de Xaxàs Faus (ES), Helena Roseta (PT), Toni Vazquez (ES), Florian Moritz (DE)

14.30h (20min) Josefine Hederstroem, DG EMPL, Deputy Head of Unit for Disability and Inclusion, Ernest Urtasun (ES)

14.50h (10min) Closing remarks by the co-hosting Agnes Jongerius (NL) and Ernest Urtasun (ES)

15h Networking coffee in front of the room

Room: ASP1G3 

11. December 2019