Frequently asked questions

What is a European citizens’ initiative (ECI)?

A European citizens’ initiative (ECI) makes it possible for European citizens to encourage concrete changes to legislation in the areas in which the European Commission is authorized to suggest legal acts.

As soon as an initiative has collected 1 million statements of support and has reached the minimum threshold in 7 member states, the European Commission has to decide, if it will be taking action. No matter if you are signing the petition online or on paper: Please provide the required information truthfully, or else your signature will not count.

Who can sign the ECI “Housing for All“?

All EU residents, who:

  • are citizens of an EU member state (apart from GB), and
  • have reached the minimum age to participate in elections to the European Parliament, which is 18 or older, with the exception of Austria, where the minimum age is 16.

Visit the homepage of the European Commission for more information.

Who is politically responsible for housing in Europe?

Housing lies within the competence of the individual member states. There are European laws though, like state aid law, fiscal law and competition law, which significantly influence the topic of housing. This is why we are demanding a better legislation for social & affordable housing.

Why do you need certain information from me?

Every EU member state decides individually, which personal data is required for an ECI petition. Some member states require only a name and an address, some require data such as your identity card number. All of the information you submit to the petition homepage will only be used by the respective member state and only for the recognition of your signature  and will be destroyed immediately after your signature has been counted.