German’s students are exposed to usury rents

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The number of students across Germany has increased by around 28 percent since 2010 – however, housing construction is lagging behind, as a study of the “Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft” (IW) shows. The situation in large cities is particularly tense. In Munich, rents for student accommodation have increased by 51 percent since 2010, and by as much as 67 percent in Berlin.

The Studierendenwerk in Berlin provides 9,500 units in dormitories. In 2018 around 4,300 applicants were on the waiting list. Depending on the location and facilities, students have to wait at least between one and three semesters. The average rent from the Studierendenwerk is 227 euros. On the private market 1-room apartments cost from 500 euros upwards, depending on the location, the rent can exceed 1,000 euros. In view of the housing shortage in university towns student accommodations are provided in barracks, gymn halls, hostels, hotels etc in Münster, Bamberg, Frankfurt, Göttingen – to name but a few.

18. December 2019