“Housing for All” has been launched in Valencia

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The European Citizens’ Initiative Housing for All was presented in Valencia on the 15th January, organized by the pro-housing groups of Valencia Entrebarris and the PAH, and the El Rogle social and legal studies cooperative. The act was very well received. Full room of neighbors looking for information and willing to participate in the collection of signatures.

The three entities have organized ourselves as a working group in order to give more visibility to the campaign in the city of Valencia.

“Entrebarris”, a network of city assemblies that fight in each neighborhood for a more sustainable city, and whose fundamental axis is the right to the city and housing, through the fight against gentrification, tourism or evictions;

“La PAH”, a reference entity that acts throughout the country to face evictions and for the defense of the right to housing;

El Rogle Coop. V.” working cooperative that, in housing matters, works for various municipalities in the metropolis in anti-eviction offices, as a consultant in matters related to the right to the city and collaborates with social movements and local entities from a social and legal perspective.

We had the opportunity to attend the presentations by Karin Zauner, European spokeswomen for the initiative that carefully presented the five demands to the European Parliament to guarantee the right to decent housing in Europe; and from Santiago Mas de Xaxas, a member of the PAH, who showed us the need to also incorporate other demands to the Spanish Government given the housing emergency situation.

The participants were very interested. Many questions were asked. All in all you can say: The event was absolutely a big success. Now the Housing for All group in Valencia is collecting signatures! Please sign the initiative here.

27. January 2020