“Housing is a human right, indivisible from other rights!”

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All over Europe people are working very hard for the European Citizens’ Initiative Housing for All. One of them is Lucia Roussier from Slovakia. Why is she involved? Read our interview with Lucia.

What is your organization doing, what are your tasks?
Lucia Roussier: Our civil association, Equita, is working towards equity in health care for marginalized groups in Slovakia, such as homeless people. We do this through street medicine projects in Bratislava, legislative advocacy, educational programs and research projects.

Why do you support Housing for All?
We support the Housing for All initiative because we believe that housing is a human right, indivisible from other rights, like the right to decent life and to health. It is also clear that the right to housing is not achievable without a major framework change in Europe and the world. 

How do you bring the idea of ​​Housing for All to the people?
We are engaged in managing the Slovak Facebook page of Housing for All and the Slovak webpage of the initiative. We are working through awareness raising and awareness raising. However, the best approaches seem to be those with a personal touch, for example, direct emails or discussions with people. People in Slovakia often do not trust online forms for sharing their personal data. Unfortunately, we have a very small capacity in human resources for the campaign and therefore online social media are the major channels to send the message.

Picture: Lucia Roussier and her team; (c) Equita

12. December 2019