Our fight for #housingforall goes on 2020!

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Even though we have had many breakthroughs on the way to make affordable, social and public housing possible, our fight for #housingforall is not over yet. 2019 the campaign was launched in Austria, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg, Malta, Hungary, Cyprus, Ireland and France. Together with our partners we collected many signatures for #housingforall all over Europe. We visited many cities. We gave a lot of interviews to media all over Europe. We presented #housingforall at the European Parliament and 14 Members of the Parliament (MEPs) from three political parties showed their support. We talked and talked about our demands for affordable, social and public housing, because we have to stop the European housing crisis! The EU has to act!

  • easier access for all to affordable, public and social housing,
  • not applying the Maastricht criteria to public investment in affordable, public and social housing,
  • better access to EU funding for public and non-profit housing developers,
  • social, competition-based rules for short-term rentals and
  • the compilation of statistics on housing needs in Europe on local level.

1 million signatures for affordable housing

Our goal stands: We need 1 million signatures to make life easier for the many people in Europe who cannot afford a home of their own. Everyone has a right to a safe and stable home, housing is a human right! Secure, affordable housing plays a vital part in increasing the quality of living. At present, most European countries are severely lacking affordable, social housing.

Housing for All thanks you for your continued support in the last year. We look forward to continue fighting together in order to reach our goal in 2020.  Let’s show the world that together we can make social, public and affordable housing in Europe possible!

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31. December 2019