“We fight for the regulation of Airbnb!”

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The decision of the EU Court of Justice on #Airbnb to be an information society service rather than a real estate agency is a disappointment for the activists of “Housing for All”. “Nethertheless, we will continue our struggle to regulate Airbnb”, says Karin Zauner, the spokeswoman of “Housing for All”. “We won’t give up! Short term rentals are shortening the housing stock for local residents – considerably. For instance, in Lisbon alone around a third of the housing stock is lost. The effects are devasting for neighbourhoods and cities. That’s unacceptable! European politics are required. We urgently need an amendment to the EU e-commerce directive.”

“We demand fairness!”

“Airbnb hosts should face the same accounting, insurance and financial obligations as traditional providers of accomodations. We demand fairness!” stresses Zauner. “We are on the side of all those cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Barcelona and interest groups fighting for the regulation of Airbnb. It goes without saying that European politicians must finally answer the question: What is more important: The well-being of the local residents or the maximizing of the profit of a few corporations?”

If you would like to fight for the regulation of short term rentals please sign “Housing for All“.

22. December 2019